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  • Bravada Gold Corporation

    Nevada, USA

  • Equity Metals Corporation

    Skeena Arch, BC

  • Southern Silver Exploration Corp

    Durango, Mexico

  • Valterra Resource Corporation

    North and South America

    Welcome to Manex Resource Group Inc.

    Manex Resource Group Inc. is a Canadian based private company comprised of an exceptional multi-disciplinary team of professionals, with specific expertise in all the areas of exploration, development and public company administration. Since its formation in 1997, companies under the Manex management umbrella have raised over C$550 million to fund their exploration projects.

    All Companies within the Manex Group review and monitor systems, policies and activities to ensure compliance with appropriate existing or proposed laws, regulations or best practices as they relate to environmental protection and sustainability issues. As well, the Companies strive to comply with all applicable environmental standards, laws and regulations in the countries and jurisdictions in which they conduct their activities.

    In a highly competitive environment, companies in the Manex Resource Group create and maintain shareholder value by emphasis on the acquisition and development of 100% or majority ownership of large projects in demonstrated mineral rich areas and politically stable countries with exceptional infrastructure.

    Manex Resource Group is Devoted to The Three Principles:


    The Manex Group includes professional experts in geological and technical skills, administration experience in the sector.


    Emphasis is upon identifying and acquiring 100% ownership of large projects in politically stable, mineral-rich jurisdictions with exceptional infrastructure.


    Manex Group companies acquire undervalued assets for development and provide shareholders with a price entry point appropriate for significant capital gain.

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